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What KARE Means to the Local Church

We reached out to ask our local pastors what KARE means to the local body of believers in Kershaw. Below, please find one of the responses we received.

Praise God for KARE,

As a local church leader in the Kershaw area I am glad to support KARE. While the church is able to provide spiritual care, many are disconnected from the local Body of Christ and therefore find themselves in helpless situations. KARE is able to support and equip our hurting community in ways that our local church is unable. The local church in our community usually has one to two employees that are often ill equipped or do not have the time to help those who are hurting. Many in our Kershaw community need more than a handout or one time benevolence, they need a support system, they need counseling, they need training, and they need avenues to find resources. KARE is able to come alongside our local congregations providing a powerful support system for the needy.

Also, our church members love to serve at KARE as they are obedient to God’s call on their lives to serve the needy. Moreover, KARE provides a mercy ministry, a heart of love for the outcast, and willingness to love those who need a helping hand. I’m thankful for a caring grassroots organization here in Kershaw that helps the hurting.

Bobby Massey

Preaching Elder

First Baptist Church Kershaw

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