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Crisis Financial Assistance


The Crisis Assistance program offers financial support with basic necessities such as; rent, power, water, heating, and food to families who are experiencing a catastrophic crisis situation that has affected the household within the last 90 days.

How the process works:

Our dedicated staff spends time with each client, understanding their unique situation and needs. During this process, we evaluate the client’s crisis and research other opportunities and resources that can also assist them with overcoming their current situation. This can be a time-consuming process and requires appointments for assistance. 


There must be a documented crisis, beyond the individual’s control, that has caused the client/family uncontrollable financial hardship that occurred within the last 90 days. This crisis should be a potentially life altering event resulting in the client's inability to fulfill the financial obligation for which they are requesting assistance. There is NO GUARANTEE of financial assistance at any time and we will NEVER make a determination over the phone.


Once we receive your online application and budget form, a Crisis Management Counselor will assess your situation and review program requirements with you to determine if assistance can be provided. The Counselor will then contact you to inform you what additional documentation is required. If assistance cannot be provided, we will connect you with other agencies who may be able to help.

Our trained staff of caring individuals understand the different challenges and situations our clients face. Their goal is to help you stay in your home, keep the utilities on, and help you develop a plan for your financial future. We are here to help you navigate this crisis situation.

Before your appointment:


An appointment will not be scheduled until you have provided the required documentation listed below. It is your responsibility as the client to contact necessary businesses or individuals and gather all CURRENT documentation.  Arriving for your appointment without the required documents will result in cancellation of the appointment. 

  • Current State ID or Driver's License (with current address on ID)

  • Proof of all household income for the last 60 days - Clients who receive unemployment, SSI or SSA, VA Pension, Retirement Pension, Child Support, Disability, and/or income from family or friends are required to present a statement of income verification. Clients who are self-employed are required to present income verification such as a current profit/loss statement showing income line item or the previous year's tax return.

  • All disconnection and past due utility statements - The applying client's name must be on the utility account and reside in the household.

  • Copy of Lease/Rental Agreement, landlord statement (available on the Printable Forms page), and completed W9 from your landlord.

  • Proof of Crisis (the situation in the past 90 days resulting in your inability to stay current on your bills). The Counselor will inform you of the specific documents required for your application is received.


Examples of documentation may include: 

  • Loss of wages due to illness/hospitalization: Short term or Long Term

    • Doctor's Statements showing the client's written excuse for missing work (including dates)​

    • Pay stubs for 60 days prior to hospitalization/illness

    • Statements from employer for short term or long term disability determination (if applicable)

  • Death of a Spouse

    • Death Certificate​


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