Financial    Assistance

Bills are a part of everyone's life. They're completely unavoidable. And what's worse, a couple of missed or late payments can really set you back and put you in a tough financial spot. We understand that reality and want to help. Financial Counseling services are available to anyone that would like help with budgeting, financial crisis planning and other financial planning. Clients that do not meet the requirements to receive financial assistance are able to receive counseling and resource referrals as it pertains to their financial situation.  KARE’s financial services are not intended to supplement any clients’ income or to become a part of any clients’ annual budget. Funds for these programs are provided by local grants and donations and are not a part of any federal or state funding initiative. 


ALL REQUESTS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, please call our office to schedule your appointment and to inquire what documentation that you will need to provide at your interview appointment. You can begin your application process by filling out the form below. One of our counselors will contact you after receiving your application. To find out more about what you'll need for your appointment, click here. A decision on what services will be provided may NOT be available at the interview appointment. Call our office at 803-475-4173 to make an appointment with one of our counselors.

Addressing the weatherization of your home may help in getting utility costs under control. Click here for more information on heating/cooling/weatherization programs.

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