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COVID 19 Updates

COVID19 Update: KARE serves residents that live in the Kershaw, Heath Springs, Jefferson, Cassatt, Westville, Bethune, and Liberty Hill zip codes. Proof of residency is required for services.

We know everyone has been affected in some way by the COVID19 crisis and KARE is doing our best to meet the needs of our community. During this crisis KARE may be forced limit our assistance or make temporary adjustments to our programs in order to address the many needs that our neighbors are facing. Please bear with us as we as we navigate through these uncertain times together.

FOOD PANTRY PROCEDURES: KARE is providing food assistance to families that have been affected by the COVID19 shut down. To apply for assistance, call our office (803 475-4173) Monday – Friday 8:30am – 1:00pm. We are continuing to serve our established Food Pantry clients as usual Monday – Thursday from 8:30am – 11:00am with curb service. Clients are asked to pull up to the front of the building and wait. Staff will come out to you.

Ongoing Food Drives

Additionally, we will collect food in our donation bins at the front door of 208 E. Main Street on Fridays from 9am-12:30 pm. 

COVID19 Crisis Financial Assistance: KARE is once again accepting applications for financial assistance. Staff has been working to secure additional funding to assist neighbors affected by COVID-19.  Applications can be found on our website at https://www.kershawkare.org/forms. You can complete the application AND budget forms and submit them to KARE through email at info@kershawkare.org or fax them to 803-475-1282. Our financial counselors will contact you to complete your application.

For Employees

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For Employers

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KARE Clothing Store: We've been missing our customers at the store so much! But, we've been keeping busy. Donations are coming in daily, so we've been sorting and tagging in preparation for our re-opening. We are goign to try out some temporary hours beginning Thursday, April 30. We'll be open Thursdays and Fridays 1pm-5pm and Saturdays 9am-2pm. We will post social distancing guidelines for our shoppers. Also, check out our online store! We're adding new items periodically! You simply pay online and arrange a pickup time with our staff. Easy peasy! Our online store will not be visible during the days the physical store is open. 

We currently provide assistance to residents of:
  • Kershaw
  • Westville
  • Bethune
  • Cassatt
  • Heath Springs
  • Liberty Hill
  • Jefferson

All services are located at 206-210 E. Marion Street, Kershaw, SC


PO Box 364

Kershaw, SC 29067