Crisis Financial Assistance

By Appointment Only


The Crisis Assistance program offers financial support with basic necessities such as; rent, power, water, heating and food to families that are experiencing a catastrophic crisis situation.

How the process works:

Our dedicated staff spends time with each client, understanding their unique situation and needs. During this process, we evaluate the client’s crisis and research other opportunities and resources that can also assist them with overcoming their current situation. This can be a time-consuming process and requires appointments for assistance. 

There must be a documented crisis, beyond the individual’s control, that has caused the client/family uncontrollable financial hardship that occurred within the last 90 days. This event would be a potential life altering event that would have caused the client to be unable to fulfill the financial obligation for which they are requesting assistance. There is NO GUARANTEE of financial assistance at any time and we will NEVER make a determination over the phone.

Make sure that you have ALL the required documentation before you come to your appointment (see What to Bring).  A Financial Counselor will assess your situation and review program requirements with you to determine if help can be provided. If assistance can’t be provided, we will talk to you about other community agencies that may be able to assist. 

Our staff are caring individuals who have been trained to understand many different situations and challenges. Their goal is to help you stay in your home, keep your utilities on, and help you make a plan for your financial future. WE are here to hold your hand while you navigate through this crisis situation.

What to bring:

In order to be seen by our Financial Counselor, you must bring each of the following items:

  • Picture ID for the applying client

  • Social Security documentation for all household members: social security card, documentation from the Social Security Administration verifying social security number, W2 form from an employer or paystub indicating the nine-digit social security number, or W7 if applicable.  If you are not registered with the Social Security Administration you are required to provide some form of identification. 

  • Proof of all household income for the past 60 days. Clients who are paid every week are required to present four current paystubs. Clients who are paid bi-weekly are required to present two current paystubs, and clients who are paid monthly are required to bring one current paystub. Clients who receive unemployment, SSI or SSA, VA Pension, Retirement Pension, Child Support, Disability, and/or income from family or friends are required to present a statement of income verification. Clients who are self-employed are required to present income verification or previous year’s tax return.

  • Bank Statements for applying client and spouse, if applicable

  • All disconnection and past due utility The applying client’s name must be on the utility account and must reside in the household.

  • Copy of Lease/Rental Agreement and landlord statement. (APPROVED LANDLORDS ONLY)

  • Documents that verify crisis within the last 90 days.

  • ***We do not accept anything hand written. ***

    • CRISIS DOCUMENTATION EXAMPLES: (other documentation may be required as determined by staff)

    • Loss of wages due to illness/hospitalization: (Short-term or Long-term)

      • Doctor's Statements showing the client was written out of work and the dates.

      • Pay stubs for 60 days prior to the illness/hospitalization

      • Statement from employer for short term or long-term disability determination.

    • Death of a Spouse:

      • Death certificate.

      • Spouse’s income statement.

      • Copy of paid receipt of funeral expenses.

    • Burial expenses of a dependent child or adult:   

      • Obituary

      • Receipt for paid funeral expenses in client’s name

    • Residential Fire:

      • A Red Cross statement

      • Proof that the client does or does not have renter’s and/or homeowner’s insurance.

    • Loss of long-term employment:

      • Copy of W-2 or previous year’s tax returns.

      • Work history report showing that client has been employed with the same company for 12months+.

      • Unemployment determination letter.

    • Other Catastrophic events will be considered; documentation will be determined at first meeting


What to expect:

During your interview, our staff will address your current situation and discuss ways to help you move toward financial stability. We will look at your budget and help create a plan of action based on your individual needs. This appointment may take a minimum of 1 hour so be prepared. Following these tips will make your visit less stressful:

  • Be sure you bring everything listed on the “What to Bring” section above.  We cannot serve you without all of this information.

  • Make childcare arrangements.  No children will be allowed please call to reschedule your appointment if you can’t make childcare arrangements.

  • Please know that we are here to help you become financially stable. This process may require multiple counseling sessions to achieve that goal.

We Do Not Provide Assistance for:
  • NSF Fees

  • Other elective or avoidable Fees

  • Non-essential bills (We only assist with basic needs, such as:  rent, power, water, heat)

  • Any bills over 90 days old (old, unpaid accounts)

  • Rental Assistance that is more than 1 month behind or that does NOT accompany a written lease/rental agreement

        .     Kare does not provide financial assistance for Jefferson residents.